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My favorite guests shed a lot

About a month after I left the work force, cabin fever struck hard.  It was cold and gray, and I was left without my social network for most of the day.

A woman in my small group helps coordinate foster homes for an animal rescue organization, Paws For Life.  She mentioned that she had two puppies that needed to find a foster home quickly.  I don’t think I even waited 5 seconds before I jumped on it.

“Bring them here!  I have the time”.  And so began my journey as a foster mom to 7 doggies thus far.   I picked up the 2 cutest puppies in the world on Friday afternoon.

Can't believe I got them to sit still for a photo!

On Sunday, their two sisters joined them, as the foster home they went to couldn’t handle the level of attention that 4.5week old puppies demand.   It was a LOT of work – for 3 weeks straight I felt like all I did was clean up poop.  My laundry room became a biohazard waste area.

But, oh, the cuteness!

Laney, Grace and Chance

Rudy - at 4.5 weeks

Rudy at 10 weeks, having a sleepover with his brother Clancy.

I fell in love with these guys, and am so happy that they all found good homes.

I took a few days break after the last puppy was gone (to disinfect my laundry room!  and to give the cats a break).  Then I welcomed a much larger visitor to the home:

Casper the Friendly..... dog!

This is Casper.  A 110lb American bulldog.  It’s hard to tell from this angle, but he came up to my waist, and his head must have weighed 20 pounds.  He had an intimidating look, but you couldn’t ask for a friendlier dog.  I loved the different kind of interaction that you could have with a grown dog vs. a puppy.  Casper found a great home as well, and I know he & his new owners are super happy!

Currently, I have a smaller, elderly dog couple hanging out at my place.  Meet Spike and Sarah.

BFF's (Best Furry Friends)

Spike is a 9yr old mix between a Jack Russell and a Corgi.  Sarah is 11yrs old and is maybe a Schipperke.  Because they are older, and need to be adopted as a pair, they will probably be in the foster system longer than the others were.  Unfortunately, due to my current back problems, I have to pass them on to a new foster home this weekend.  They are a lot of fun, and very affectionate, but I simply can’t bend down to pet them or feed them without a great deal of pain.

I love this little tooth she has sticking out on the bottom!

I encourage you to check out Paws for Life, or to find the next furry addition to your home.  Better yet, find a rescue agency in your area to foster for.  You’ll be doing a world of good for a lot of deserving animals.

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I’m In!!

Last Friday, I took possession of my new house at closing! Not one to waste time, I rolled up to the closing with a packed car. The closing was only a mile away from my place.
I then took another load over from my parents house (less than 3 miles away). Next I went home and grabbed some more stuff as well as my cat.

I spent last Friday camping out at my new place in my sleeping bag. I just couldn’t wait to be here!!!
The rest of my stuff came over in a U-Haul and some friends’ cars on Saturday.
Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of boxes, cleaning, and figuring out just how I fit into this new space.
More pics and updates to follow!


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2 Things Post… 2 Days until my move!

Because my life is a chaotic whirlwind of packing, and preparing to make the biggest purchase of my life in Just. Two. Days.    And because I have been horrible at posting on this site.

I’m going to take an easy-cheesy meme from my facebook friend and use it as my post today.  Because, today, 2 is the magic number!


Two names you are called that are not your real name:




Two things you’re wearing now:

1. green sweater

2. fun, stripey socks


What are 2 of your favorite things to do?

1. read

2. watch movies


Two things you want very badly at the moment:

1. To be in my new house already! 

2. a relationship


Two things you did yesterday:

1. packed

2. packed some more


Two things you ate yesterday:

1. Paczkis

2. Hersheys Kisses 

(Note they are both plural.  But I’m okay with that because it was Fat Tuesday and I gave up chocolate for lent)


Two people you last talked to:

1. Sarah

2. John from U-Haul.


Two things you are doing tomorrow:

1. Small Group! 

2. more packing? :c 


Two favorite holidays:

1. Thanksgiving

2. New Year’s


Two favorite drinks:

1. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

2. Bell’s Oberon with an orange slice. mmmm 


Two people no longer alive that you’d like to talk to:

1. Nana Alice 

2. Nana Marie

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I’ve been taking a bit of a sabbatical from this site the last two months. Life has been chaotic and dramatic and I had to devote all my energy to just staying afloat…

But i hope to get back on here regularly soon – I have some drafts in the works and am looking forward to reconnecting with my blogging community!


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Potty-Humor Me

I don’t have too many pet peeves.  But the ones that I do have really can get under my skin.

One of my biggest irks has to do with workplace bathrooms.  What I don’t get is how women can abuse a place so horribly.  Seriously?  Do they treat their bathrooms at home like this?

My building is an adult-only kind of place.  Due to safety reasons, there are no children allowed.  So all of the issues in the restrooms are caused by adults.  Grown ups.  AKA: People who should know better.  Let’s take a little trip down the row of stalls a girl may come across on an average day.

Stall #1:  The “Nester”.  This is someone who is possibly a germaphobe?  She will stack maybe 10 toilet seat covers on top of the toilet to create the ultimate barrier.  The problem is, that they don’t even begin to flush down the loo.  So, after she leaves, you will walk into a stall with 10 used toilet seat covers topped by a giant wad of used toilet paper.  Ugh.  Next stall, please!

Stall #2:  The “Squatter”:  Basically the opposite of the Nester.  This person doesn’t believe in using toilet seat covers.  Maybe their reasons are environmental, or they just have to pee so bad that they can’t bother taking the time to pull out the seat cover.  Either way – the damage is the same.  This person will leave behind a seat covered in pee.  ew.  They apparently never heard the rhyme: “If you sprinkle when you tinkle: Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.”  Really, would you leave toilet at home covered in urine and just walk away?.  Move on to the next stall…

Stall #3:  The “Hit & Run”.  This woman is in a hurry.  She has to get somewhere fast and doesn’t have time to make sure that the toilet actually flushed.  We have automatic flushing toilets here, but that doesn’t mean that they always work.  And they certainly don’t have the technology to detect when a second flush is needed. (Or third – if you know what I mean). 😉  How hard is it to take a few seconds to make sure that the auto-flush did what it’s supposed to do?  But I guess some ladies can’t be bothered with the details like that.  And the rest of us get to deal with what she’s left behind in her wake.

Don’t even get me started on people who leave without washing their hands.  I make a mental note of who they are and avoid every item they bring to the bake-sale fundraisers!

I don’t think it’s asking too much to have a little common courtesy and hygeine in the restrooms at work.  The average person spends more waking hours here on any given week then they do in their own home. 

Okay – time to get off my soapbox, and into the loo.  Wish me luck!


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Pain has a name.   And that name is Bart.

I recently joined a new gym – which I love.   It’s just over a mile from my house,  on my way to/from work, and even when it’s “busy” there are still plenty of machines open.

Part of the sign up package included some free personal training sessions.  Last Saturday I had my first one – which included a fitness assessment.  That’s where Bart comes in.  After filling out the prerequisite paperwork, Bart wasted no time jumping into the workout.  The words for the day were: Legs & Abs

*note to self: don’t do elliptical + a 1-hr yoga class before your first personal training session.  It’s just really not a great idea, ok?

We jumped, we hopped on & off the stair stepper, we kicked and punched.  We did lunges and used the hack press to do squats.  We did more stair-hopping.  We did full squat-to-air jumps.  Then came the swiss & medicine ball work for the abs.  We had lots of fun with those as well.

(BTW: “We”  = “me”)

After 30 minutes and approx 500 calories later, we were done and ready to talk about what our next moves were.  The only next moves I could think of were into the sauna, into the shower, into my car and back into bed. Bart thought that 20 minutes of cardio and a second appointment were a better idea.

I have goals I want to reach, and I’m not going to get there by taking it “easy” on myself. 🙂  Trust me, I’ve already tried that plan!  So, I set my next session appointment for this last Tuesday and hobbled home.  I took my shower.  I took my nap.  And then I went to the Tigers game with a girlfriend and slowly made my way up the stadium stairs like an achy octogenarian.

By Monday I was feeling better.  And by Tuesday I was ready for session #2.

Only this time, it was with Carl.  Sorry, Bart, I’m just not ready to forgive you just yet.


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Thursday update and mosaic answers

Know what I think is pretty awesome?  Electricity.  Oh – how I do miss thee!  I haven’t had power since last Sunday.  And while I’m surviving just fine, it’s beginning to wear on my nerves a bit.  The last two days have been pretty comfortable after the weather cooled off a bit.  But today and tomorrow are going to be 88 and humid.  My place is going to feel like a convection oven again.  ugh.  DTE is guessing that they’ll have my power back on either later Friday night or maybe Saturday.

I had to get ready for my blind date last Sunday in the semi-dark of a summer storm.  As if preparing for such an event isn’t nerve wracking enough! 🙂 –> more details on that event another time.

Changing gears here: After looking at my mosaic – I thought there were a few things that needed some clarification.

Like: my celebrity crush.  In case you were wondering – it’s Jimmy Fallon.  Not Drew Barrymore.  Don’t get me wrong-  she’s a beautiful lady and all, and she seems like a lot of fun.  She’s just not my type – one too many X chromosomes.

For the rest of the answers:

1.) First Name: Julianne.  And I love this pic of Julianne Moore – she’s waaaaaay more photogenic than I

2.) Favorite food: sweet yellow corn on the cob.  Great for summer nights.

3.) High School: Rochester Adams.  This is actually a photo of their cheerleading squad.  I think it’s a little creepy that some dude out there has so many photos of young cheerleaders – I hope he’s just a dad.

4.) Favorite Color: Green.  love it love it love it.  And not just because I went to MSU, or because I’m a tree hugger.  Seriously – doesn’t this photo make you happy just looking at it?

5.) Celebrity crush: Jimmy Fallon.  (see description above.)  He’s also my imaginary boyfriend.

6.) Favorite drink: Mojito.  yum.   (I also love G&T’s and beer – but I figured mojito’s would have the best photo – notice there’s lots of green in it!)

7.) Dream vacation: Australia.  Especially the Great Barrier Reef.  I love snorkeling.  But I hear that all of the tourism in that area is detrimental to that fragile ecosystem.  Maybe I’ll just dream about it instead.

8.) Favorite dessert: Tiramisu.  hands down.  words can’t really describe how I feel about a really well done tiramisu.  I have to learn how to make it myself someday.

9.) When I grow up: I have this dream about working in a Kenyan orphanage.  And loving on all of those children.  Just look at the beautiful faces.  The best part about this photo: it’s an orphanage with a REAL bathroom.  The other ones I’ve visited have outhouses.  ugh.

10.) What do I love: Jesus.  He is so amazing to me – and I hope to grow more in love with him every day of my life.

11.) One word that describes me: Funny.  I love making people laugh, and I love when they make me laugh.  Plus I love husky men – so this photo was made for me!  (Although he could lose the mullett and hooves…)

12.) my flickr name?  None.  I don’t have one – I use photobucket. 🙂  I just love this girly little hamster-thing.  too cute.


Did anyone else try this at home?  I would love to hear if you did!

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