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If you’re gonna fail…

Fail BIG.  That’s how I roll.

So, I went off the NaBloPoMo wagon this year.  And only halfway through.  I realized at 11pm on Saturday when I was out with friends that I hadn’t yet posted that day.  I tried to do one from my phone, but couldn’t get the interface to work quite right.

And I knew I wouldn’t make it home in time to do a real one.

So – I knew I was going to fail.  And, in that spirit, I also took Sunday off.  (In my defense, I spent most of Sunday with a horrific headache that made looking at anything painful)

I almost didn’t even want to do today.  How sad is that?  I’m letting some self-imposed expectation defeat me?

Nuts to that!  I’m just gonna pick myself up and give it another try.  I have to look at what I’ve accomplished and not focus on what I didn’t.  Right?

So, while I was not posting, here’s what I did these last few days.

I read this:

I actually believed this was a true story for a while.  Its not.  But its still a dang good read.

I actually believed this was a true story for a while. It's not. But it's still a dang good read.

I had a great breakfast with some friends on a cold rainy morning.  What better way to spend a Saturday morning??

I watched this:

In case you werent sure if this movie will break your heart or not.... It will

This is a true story - sadly. And in case you weren't sure if this movie will break your heart or not.... It will.

And I was emotionally wrecked for a while.  It is actually still haunting me in many ways.  I think I cried 4 times during the movie, and once the day after.  It’s that good.  I had to wait for the perfect time to watch it.  And a cold, dreary, Saturday afternoon wrapped in a cozy hoodie, with warm soup = perfect!

(I also watched some college football)

I went out to watch this guy play at a fancy-schmancy restaurant where I had a marvelous chocolate martini:

He doesnt have a CD out yet in mass production.  But check out his myspace music page.

He doesn't have a CD out yet in mass production. But check out his myspace music page.

Click on his image above to get to his myspace page.  Also check out one of his music videos here:

I spent too much time on this:

and I hung out with some amazing 9th grade girls.  I’m always honored that they choose to share their lives with me.  I’ve been with some of these girls since 6th grade and I love watching them grow into amazing young women.

I hope to be fully back on the wagon again now.   And I’m ready to give this another go!

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Back on the shelf

So, I love to read.

I have a stack of books in my “queue” that almost bothers me to look at. So many to read, so little time to do it. And some just keep getting pushed back in line – while newer ones take cuts in front of them.

I recently finished Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. And by recently I mean this morning. I felt like a slow start to my wake up – especially since i had a late night Friday. I’ve been working through this book for a few weeks. I could’ve finished it a lot sooner, but I wanted to relish it. Savor it. It’s that good. I didn’t want to rush through it in a frenzied manor. Don’s writing style, his stories, his real-life characters (including himself) charmed me totally. I wanted to chew on his ideas and really digest his observations.

The subtitle of this book is: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian sprituality. There are great references to music artists (EmmyLou Harris, ani difranco, Patty Griffin, The Pogues), movies, books, liberal colleges, and outdoors experiences. And – (AMEN!) I finally found a kindred spirit – a fellow Christian who doesn’t believe that the Democratic Party is evil. I am not the sole member of the religious left. holla.

I highly recommend reading this book. Christian or not – it’s just good storytelling. It’s an easy read but it will challenge you to think about your viewpoints.

A favorite quote from the book – reminiscing about his visit to the base of the Grand Canyon:

There is something beautiful about a billion stars held steady by a God who knows what He is doing. (They hang there, the stars, like notes on a page of music, free-form verse, silent mysteries, swirling in the blue like jazz.)

There are other references in this book to “blue” and “jazz”. I can’t say that this excerpt is where he got the title from, but the word picture here just hit me. I could relate to it. And I don’t think I’ll look at a glorious star filled sky the same way again.

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