My best friend’s birthday

A (sort of) reposting.

Dear Kel,

You are my oldest and best friend.  The first of all my Kelly’s :) We went from checking out bugs, to drinking gross concoctions on dares, stealing textbooks (albeit discarded ones), to pre-teenhood.  Then came training bras, and boys, and o-my-gah – periods.  And high school. And boyfriends. and broken hearts.

And,then, your marriage.

After all this time I’m glad we chose not to be roommates in college.  It would have likely ruined our friendship.  I was in a very different place than you at the time, and I may have felt too constrained.  (Although a little more constraining might have done me some good!)  You saw me go from conscientious student, to college slacker.  Saw me through lost innocence, lost faith, lost sense of self, sense of worth.  You kept true to your own path, setting your sights on things beyond my vision.  Focusing on your goals,  and your calling.  Keeping your own circle of friends.  But you never let me out of your sight, or off your radar.

You never gave up.  You continued to encourage me, love me, plant seeds of faith and hope in my heart.  Even though I pushed them (and you) away.  Even though I asked you to kindly keep your Jesus to yourself, thankyouverymuch.  It took a few years (ha!) but your seeds found roots and are finally flourishing into a garden of my own.  And now he’s my Jesus too.  (and Kira’s, & Erin’s)  Who knows where your influence will end?  I know I’m not the only set of ripples you’ve sent out over the waters.

You let me know that you thought the world of me, and that I had value to add to this crazy world.  Even if it’s just my amazing Cranium skills!

You have always amazed me.  You are a bright and shining star in a gray world.  You are brilliant, talented, a hard worker.  A caring, insightful doctor.  A beautiful woman.  Funny friend.  Enthusiastic laugher.  Loving wife. Generous stepmother. I want to be just like you when I grow up. :)

Here’s to us on our 24th birthday together.  May we have 100 more.  I love you more than words could express.




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Just Juli, self-portrait. May, 2010 (courtesy of

As I sit here recovering (still!) from my whiplash, I am reminded of a phrase that I read in the Bible referring to the Israelites as “a stiff-necked people“.   When I looked up this passage, I was surprised to find that this description is found 7 times in the scriptures.

If God says something once, it has meaning.  Twice – you should take more notice of it.  But seven times?  He is really trying to get your attention!

That’s me.  And not just right now when I am working just to get my head to comfortably face forward.  (And, oh! To dream of being able to look to my left! Or up! Or down!!)

I am stubborn.  I can be hard hearted, and slow to change my ways.  I am guilty of sometimes falling into bad habits of apathy and laziness.  Even though my heart has been broken for so many marginalized people.  Why is it that I spend more time on facebook than keeping up with world events?  The ignorance of the masses is what keeps the cycle of evil in the world continually spinning.

Edmund Burke is oft misquoted as saying

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Burke’s actual statement from his ‘Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents’ reads:

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitited sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”

Today I am pondering why it is that I can so often get stuck in a cycle of selfishness and be so myopic in my worldview.

More importantly: What steps can I take to become more of an active participant in this world?  What do I need to do to look beyond myself and meet the needs of others?  How do I “soften my neck”?

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Red Wings Haiku

Detroit Red Wings win!

It’s about time. Seven goals

to San Jose’s one.

Photo credit to AP via Yahoo!sports

Johan Franzen set a franchise record with 6 points in a playoff game.  He had 4 goals and 2 assists tonight.

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My favorite guests shed a lot

About a month after I left the work force, cabin fever struck hard.  It was cold and gray, and I was left without my social network for most of the day.

A woman in my small group helps coordinate foster homes for an animal rescue organization, Paws For Life.  She mentioned that she had two puppies that needed to find a foster home quickly.  I don’t think I even waited 5 seconds before I jumped on it.

“Bring them here!  I have the time”.  And so began my journey as a foster mom to 7 doggies thus far.   I picked up the 2 cutest puppies in the world on Friday afternoon.

Can't believe I got them to sit still for a photo!

On Sunday, their two sisters joined them, as the foster home they went to couldn’t handle the level of attention that 4.5week old puppies demand.   It was a LOT of work – for 3 weeks straight I felt like all I did was clean up poop.  My laundry room became a biohazard waste area.

But, oh, the cuteness!

Laney, Grace and Chance

Rudy - at 4.5 weeks

Rudy at 10 weeks, having a sleepover with his brother Clancy.

I fell in love with these guys, and am so happy that they all found good homes.

I took a few days break after the last puppy was gone (to disinfect my laundry room!  and to give the cats a break).  Then I welcomed a much larger visitor to the home:

Casper the Friendly..... dog!

This is Casper.  A 110lb American bulldog.  It’s hard to tell from this angle, but he came up to my waist, and his head must have weighed 20 pounds.  He had an intimidating look, but you couldn’t ask for a friendlier dog.  I loved the different kind of interaction that you could have with a grown dog vs. a puppy.  Casper found a great home as well, and I know he & his new owners are super happy!

Currently, I have a smaller, elderly dog couple hanging out at my place.  Meet Spike and Sarah.

BFF's (Best Furry Friends)

Spike is a 9yr old mix between a Jack Russell and a Corgi.  Sarah is 11yrs old and is maybe a Schipperke.  Because they are older, and need to be adopted as a pair, they will probably be in the foster system longer than the others were.  Unfortunately, due to my current back problems, I have to pass them on to a new foster home this weekend.  They are a lot of fun, and very affectionate, but I simply can’t bend down to pet them or feed them without a great deal of pain.

I love this little tooth she has sticking out on the bottom!

I encourage you to check out Paws for Life, or to find the next furry addition to your home.  Better yet, find a rescue agency in your area to foster for.  You’ll be doing a world of good for a lot of deserving animals.

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I can almost look up…

… After an emergency visit to the chiropractor today, plus a second adjustment this evening.  ugh.  This was my first visit to the chiropractor in almost 2 decades.

I have been so tightly locked up with my right shoulder to my right ear – and my head turned to look over my right shoulder.  It started out as a kink in my neck on Saturday, and has progressively gotten worse each morning since.   Today I spent half the day nearly in tears.

I was able to get into the doctor’s office this afternoon – maybe partly because my dad was their first patient, and has been loyal to the practice for going on 25 years.  I went there a few times as well in my early teens – but it’s been a looooong time since then!   Since it has been so long, I was expecting Dr Buller to be on the elderly range of the age spectrum.  Ooops!  It’s funny how the young mind sees anyone over 25 as “old”.  I was shocked to find that the doctor is a few years younger than my dad.

I had between 0 and 5 degrees of motion in many areas.  No duh.  And the x-rays showed a lot of serious misalignments – so much that I could even see them without the doctor pointing them out.   I went through my first adjustment and was sent home to ice the area a few times before I came back in at the end of the day.  The difference was almost immediate.   And was even better after the second one.

– I also had my church group pray for me tonight and saw a noticeable relaxation in my neck/shoulder muscles after that as well.  I want to give props not only to the excellent chiropractic care of Dr. Jeffrey Buller, but also to the healing power of Jesus.  Not everyone believes in that, but I do.

I still can’t tilt my head forward much to look down.  But maybe that’s a good thing.  I should be looking up more often anyways!

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I need a Sonic intervention

At what point does a habit become an addiction?

I have this, um, friend.  We’ll call her Judi.  And she just discovered Sonic’s slushes for the first time.

Having heard of them for quite some time (The Pioneer Woman is a fan), Judi’s friend convinced her to swing by the new Sonic in town on the way home from the baseball game on Saturday night.   It’s less than 2 miles from his place, and not out of the way.  It was there that she got her first grape slush, and it was all that she had hoped for.

She dropped her friend off and headed home, savoring the grapey goodness slowly so as not to get brain freeze.  However, when she walked in the door of her house, one of the cats was overzealous in his greeting and her precious slush was dropped.  The bottom blew out of the cup, and all the delicious grapeness was sprayed all over the back hall.  The horror!

Judi, being an optimist, wasn’t going to let this ruin her day.  Half a slush is better than no slush at all, right?  The next day she was headed back down to her friends place again, to meet up with a group to watch the Red Wings play.   This was the perfect opportunity to swing by Sonic and get a brand new replacement grape slush.  Yum.  She was the envy of all at the party. (Well, Mark at least)

Today, Judi’s three-day neck cramp needed some TLC.  Why not head to Brad’s place to use the pool/hottub?  Oh, and while there, why not pick up another slush to refresh herself?  (Actually, that part was Brad’s idea, but she got on board with it right quick).  Today, just to mix it up, Judi got Cranberry.  It was good.  But it was no grape.

That Judi.  She’s a wild one!

Now, Judi finds herself wanting to explore the whole gamut of icy beverages at Sonic: Creamslushes, Other Slush flavors, Limeades….. So many possibilities!

Before Judi heads down that way again tonight, should she be wary of this innocent habit becoming a stronger addiction?  At what point is a Sonic intervention called for?

Please help me her!


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Birdhouse in my soul

This song has been going through my head for the last few days.  I heard it at a coffee shop earlier this week.  It was just what I needed to boost my energy while working on a detailed business proposal.

First heard this song about (gasp!) 20 years ago.  Love it just as much now as I did then.

Hope this piece of tasty ear candy helps make your day look up a bit more.


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