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The Happy Heckler

Last night’s game was FANTASTIC!  Beth & I had great seats: first row, practically in the Red Sox bullpen.

And I got to see Varitek up close.  *sigh*.  And Okajima.   And the general “latin heat” that is the relief pitching staff of the Red Sox.  And this cutie:

David Aardsma

And just so I wasn’t TOO biased – I wore my Tigers cap with my Red Sox shirt.  I do live in this town now, after all -and am pretty much a regular at Comerica Park each summer.  (gotta love the cheap season tix)

 Besides the game, we had some serious entertainment coming from a few rows back – the most creative, funny heckler I’ve ever heard.  I didn’t even mind that he was jeering my BoSox!

Just a few quotes that I can recall:

“Hey Timlin! Your mother uses moisturizer!”

“Just kidding, your mother doesn’t use moisturizer” (said in an apologetic tone)

“But I heard a rumor about Epsom Salts!”

“Your mother has conjunctivitis!  Yeah, that’s right-  she’s got the pink eye. Bad”

“Your feet are calloused”

“You have a lazy eye”

“I hope your gums bleed when you go to the dentist”

“I hope your razor goes dull”


I suppose it was funnier live than online.  But you gotta give the guy props for creativity.  Especially in a family-friendly section.  He was way better than the drunks that came up later in the game and just shouted sexual innuendos at the pitchers.  Get some class, guys.  For real.  If you’re not gonna bring your A game – just go home. 🙂


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