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Marching one by one….

I stumbled into the kitchen this morning for a post-late-night fix and discovered this:

one by one -hurrah

and this:


ew. ew. ew. I’ve seen a stray ant here & there over the last week or so, but this was a full on siege of my kitchen. I guess it is officially spring in Michigan now. It looks like they are coming in through the top of the doorwall. I found a gap in the molding there that will have to be fixed this weekend. Oh joy. Any suggestions would be SO appreciated!

There wasn’t an ant problem last summer, or the one before, so I guess I’ve just been lucky?

On a better note – The dinner for Bossy last night was a blast! There was such a diverse group of great women. We talked for hours. and ate. and drank wine & martinis & some blueberry lemon drops. Yum.

And of course, as all good guests do – we followed the hostesses strict rules:

well – we tried at least!

Thank you Bossy for getting us together. And to Mommy’s Martini for being such a fabulous hostess!



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