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Number Nine

9.  I have an unnatural fear of raccoons.



It’s one of the few things that really, really scare me.   (That, and dying an old, lonely spinster with 27 cats.  But that’s a whole other post…)

Have you ever heard raccoons fighting?  They used to make these ungodly, demonic noises in the woods behind my house growing up.  Just out of control, and screaming like banshees.  Ever since the first time I heard them fight like that – I have been deathly afraid.

Growing up, one of my favorite stuffed animals was a raccoon named Rocky (SO original, I know…)  It wasn’t until we moved to Michigan that I developed this fear.

Once, while on a camping trip, I refused to sleep in my tent because I saw a lot of raccoons wandering near our campsite on my way back from the bathroom.  I slept in my Pontiac Sunbird instead.  My boyfriend insisted that we get up at the crack of dawn and go back to the tent then so noone would think he was a coward too.



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