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The other day I shared about my upcoming trip to West Pokot, Kenya.  (Actually – we’re not sure if we’ll be in East or West Pokot, but we think it’s West this year.  Flexibility is key here!)

I also mentioned that it is less than 40 days away.  37 or 36 days as of today, depending on where you count from.  To start preparing myself for this trip I have decided to do a 40 day “fast”.  This is to get my heart, mind & body prepared for the types of sacrifices that will be asked of me daily while in country.

I decided to fast from something that is kind of a luxury.  And by “kind of”  I mean – daily necessity for me. 



Yes, friends, I’m talking about chocolate. 

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  Something that I enjoy regularly, and crave almost daily.  I needed to pick something that would actually be a real sacrifice for me and not just some lame attempt at fasting.

Monday night I hit the gym, then went to grab a hot fudge sundae for dinner with my girlfriend (and DSW) Chrissy.  I needed one last fix before my vacation from all things cocoa.  Great workout (killer!). Great dessert. Great company.  Monday was a good day. 🙂  The rest of the days have been a little tougher.  I have had to curb myself at least once a day.  But I’ve been good about it – avoiding temptation wherever possible.

Today, however, I slipped.  Ugh.  And only 4 days in – that’s only 10% of my time frame.  In my defense, it was a mistake.  I simply forgot!  A coworker brought in Dunkin Donuts munchkins this morning and I grabbed a regular glazed and chocolate glazed to take with me to my desk.  It was a full two hours later before I realized my error.  Doh!

So – now I try again.  Let’s see if I can do better for the remaining 90% of this trial.  Wish me luck – I’m gonna need all I can get!

Happy Holiday weekend!



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I Scream 08 – delayed post

I know – I’ve been so bad about updating things lately.

I feel like I’m still catching up from vacation two weeks ago!

But let me share with you one of my favorite things about Cape Cod.  I love this place so much that I will drive 30 minutes just for the experience:

I was so excited about getting my ice cream that I couldnt keep the camera still!

I was so excited about getting my ice cream that I couldn't keep the camera still!

Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville, MA.  They’ve been in the biz for a few generations now.  My uncle remembers going there as a kid. (although, he’s really not that much older than me.)  I found out about this place on Food Network’s Unwrapped program.  When I was staying in nearby Mashpee a few summers back, I drove around Centerville until I found this place.  True to television, the line was out the door and around the building.  (Just look at the pic above for glimpse of the crowd.) But the summer staff kids are PROS!  The line moves at a wicked fast pace, and you never have to wait too long for some great, HOMEMADE ice cream.

The house specialty is their frozen pudding.  But that has raisins in it – so I passed.  I can’t remember what I had the first few summers I stopped by, but I remember that it was good enough to bring me back for more.  My first trip there was to de-stress.  I was on the verge of a vacation management meltdown, and the only thing that could save me was some frozen goodness.  Last year, I took my niece for her first visit.

This year, I met up with my auntie Alicia, uncle Matt, and wicked cool cousins: Ken, Emily, & Stephen.  It was a 1/2 way meeting point between us (perfect!).  It was HIGHLY recommended that I try the Coconut Ice Cream.  And it was worth the drive, let me tell you.  Cool, creamy, with just enough “roughness” in the ice cream to get some of the shredded coconut texture.  Wow.  Thank you, Mercer gang for recommending what is a new favorite.

If you’re ever in Centerville, MA – you simply must make the detour on your way to or from Craigshead beach to check out the place locals go for the best ice cream around.

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I scream for Fried!

Beth and I decided to go South-of-the-Border for our latest I Scream 08 sampling. We split a fried ice cream at Grand Azteca after New Community last Wednesday. (yes, I am a posting slacker, thankyouverymuch).

Yum! I am a huge fan of the stuff. Not only is there Ice cream! But there is cinnamon, and fudge, and whipped topping, and sprinkles, and-And-AND: all wrapped in a crispy fried shell. Definitely a plus over waffle cones!!

I took a picture with my cell phone, but I don’t think it really does justice to the “Muy Bueno” ice cream!



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piece #5

5. I am a popcorn addict. 

I could eat a bag a day – and never get tired of it.  I asked for a new popcorn popper for Christmas last year because I had just plain worn my old one out.  My mom didn’t realize that they still made popcorn poppers – what with the invention of the microwave and all.


But I like to mix things up, and create my own recipes – which you can’t really do with the store-bought microwave bags.  Sometimes it’s just salt and butter.  Sometimes parmesan.  How about creole seasoning? Chili & paprika?  kettle corn?  Yum. yum. yum.  All of it – yum.


When I watch movies at a friends house, I’ll usually bring 1-2 bags of popcorn to make.  Even if he/she already has some there.  Because, I could eat a bag of it just myself.  And I feel it would be rude of me to be a popcorn hog without contributing some way.


Also – just to be clear – I do love me some microwave corn too.  Especially at work.  Or when I just don’t have the energy to really clean up my popper.  I probably should be afraid of the dreaded “Popcorn Lung”.  But there are bigger things to worry about in life.   Namely: Crouton Lung.


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I Scream – week two

Week two brought a twist to my summer ice cream challenge.


Went for a 3.5 mile hike the other night with miss Million and stopped at a little ice cream shack at our 1/2 way point.

Sometimes all you need is a simple soft-serve chocolate-vanilla twist to make your day.

And sometimes you need chocolate sprinkles (Jimmies) on that twist while you’re at it. 🙂

The walk to the ice cream stand was fast and brisk.  We made great time and got a good rythm going.  The walk back – not so much.  At least not the first mile. We were too busy trying to keep all of the sprinkles from falling off the quickly melting cones.  And we ordered mediums – thinking that’s what we saw other people eating. But they must have had smalls, because ours were huge.

Luckily, I wore a brown shirt – which successfully hid all of my ice cream drips.  Poor Miss M looked like she’d been pelted by a flock of pigeons.  She’ll know better next time, though.

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I Scream summer

For the second year, my friend Beth and I have set a summer challenge for ourselves.  But we tend to have a slightly off-center mind set compared to most people we know.

The average person wants to exercise more, or look great in a bathing suit, or travel somewhere exotic… 

Those goals are all good and noble.  And I would like to achieve all of those as well.  They play small roles in my master plan.  But what I am really looking for is something that screams “Greatness”.

And that something, my friends, is the I Scream Summer challenge 2k8.  Oh yes – for the length of summer (which began last Friday) Beth and I would like to try a new/different ice cream flavor each week.  Now there’s a goal I can really get behind!

(Of course – it also has to tie in with my increased running goal or else I’ll just be really getting a big behind.) 🙂

So to kick off the season we went to Woolies in Rochester Hills for our first cones.  Beth got Superman (a perennial favorite of hers).  I opted for the guest flavor of the week: Cappucino Crunch.  Sadly – I had to get it in a bowl instead of a cone since it was a little too soft.

Overall – 3.5 stars.  It was good, but not great.  (Although the company was fabulous!) Maybe the cone would have bumped it up a little.

Any suggestions of great flavors or ice cream stands are gratefully accepted.  It’s a tough goal – and I hope to really stretch myself as a human being this summer. 

ed. note: Stretching myself this summer hopefully only applies to my potential for fun – and not my waistline! 🙂

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Marching one by one….

I stumbled into the kitchen this morning for a post-late-night fix and discovered this:

one by one -hurrah

and this:


ew. ew. ew. I’ve seen a stray ant here & there over the last week or so, but this was a full on siege of my kitchen. I guess it is officially spring in Michigan now. It looks like they are coming in through the top of the doorwall. I found a gap in the molding there that will have to be fixed this weekend. Oh joy. Any suggestions would be SO appreciated!

There wasn’t an ant problem last summer, or the one before, so I guess I’ve just been lucky?

On a better note – The dinner for Bossy last night was a blast! There was such a diverse group of great women. We talked for hours. and ate. and drank wine & martinis & some blueberry lemon drops. Yum.

And of course, as all good guests do – we followed the hostesses strict rules:

well – we tried at least!

Thank you Bossy for getting us together. And to Mommy’s Martini for being such a fabulous hostess!


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