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The Evil Empire is going down

Now, even though I reside in America’s left hand now, and am a big BIG fan of the Detroit Tigers….
In my heart I always will be first and foremost a Boston Red Sox girl. Born and raised in South Boston, I am a lifetime citizen of Red Sox Nation.
Tonight, though, I get the best of both worlds.
For my birthday, my friend Kimmy got tickets for her, Brad, her client, and myself to watch the Tigers take on the Yankees at Comerica Park. w00t w00t!
Somewhere in the stadium there will be a girl who is shouting extra loudly for the boys of Detroit to kick some serious butt.
Tonight, God willing, the Evil Empire is going down…

edited note:  That was disappointing.

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A grand entrance

I just want to give quick shout out to some of my friends who are busy serving the people of Rajamundry, India.

Especially Sarah.  This is her first big trip outside of the US and her first international mission trip as well.  But apparently, the girl knows how to make an entrance over there just as she does here.  I was looking at the team blog today and saw this photo.:

This is part of the welcoming ceremony at CEM.

This is part of the welcoming ceremony at CEM. Sarah's the babe in the front. 😉

She is one of my fabulous DSW ladies and will be missed for the next week.  I could tell you more about what they are doing on their visit, but I’ll let her tell the story better.  Please read this post to get a rookie’s perspective on the mission.

And keep checking out their blog over the next week – they have a lot going on at the CEM compound!

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Friday Foto Fiesta!

Each week, Candid Carrie hosts an event – Phriday Photo Phiesta!

This is my first time playing along – I thought I’d give it a try as part of NaBloPoMo.

This is one of my new favorite pictures.

My peeps in Kenya - I miss spending so much time with them!

My peeps in Kenya - I miss spending so much time with them!

This is Kim, Brad, Jonathan & I in Nairobi last month, on the last day of our trip.  Kim, Brad & I live near each other in MI – and have become good friends through our shared Kenya experience.  Jonathan is our team leader, and lives just outside of Hilton Head, NC.  He is on staff at Harvesters International part time – an great ministry.  All three are amazing people and truly were a bright spot in an already-very-bright mission.  This is my fabulous foursome in Kenya.  We had so much fun, and laughed until we had tears.  Until we ran out of breath.  Until our abs hurt.

We can be goofy around each other.  And real.  We can also talk about bodily functions in a way that I can’t do with ANYONE else.  There’s just something about traveling to a remote location, away from everyone else that builds bonds.

But here’s the thing – even if I was at home, in my comfort zone, surrounded by my normal life:  I would still choose to hang out with these dorks.  Because they accept me as my dorky self.

Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend.  Don’t forget to stop by Candid Carrie’s blog to see who else is playing along!


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Day 2

Wow!  What a game yesterday!

I was invited to join my friends Patrick & Jessica at the Michigan State-Wisconsin game.  It was my first MSU game of the year.

And for a while I was worried that I had somehow brought bad luck to the team….  It didn’t look good for us.  We were down by 11 points.  Somehow my Spartans pulled to within 2 points towards the end of the 4th.  A last minute field goal put us up 25-24 with 7 seconds left.

In the words of the Spartan Football announcer:  It’s a BEAUTIFUL day for football!

Spartan Stadium

Spartan Stadium

Beyond the game, it was great to be back in my college town.  Especially on a warm fall day.  With all the fans wearing their spartan green, and the students hanging out on the lawns.  The smell of tailgate grilling and autumn leaves.

And a slice of my favorite pizza – Georgio’s baked potato pizza with sour cream on top.  mmmmmmm….

I’m curious:  Do any of you love college football too?  Especially when you can enjoy it live??!


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Where I’ve been….

I know that I’ve been very AWOL lately on this site.  I’ve been suffering from a chaotic mix of over scheduling, reclusive downtime and major writers block.

I haven’t been home between 7:30am and 11pm this week.  It’s all “good” stuff – but it definitely keeps me from posting on here.  I have time to hop onto “crackbook” during the day, but not enough time to develop cohesive thoughts into a post.

I have just a few days (8!!) before I leave for Kenya.  So much to do before then! I am getting so very excited, and can’t help but become totally animated every time I talk about it.  I’ll be posting the prayer calendar here shortly – as well as scheduled daily updates while our team is out of the country.  In the meantime, I’m trying to get all major projects at work either updated or completed, and kicking off two ministries this weekend.

In other words – not much going on. 🙂

To explain a little about where I was tonight:

Somewhere under the Detroit River

Somewhere under the Detroit River

I have a love/hate relationship with the border.  I live so close to Canada that it’s really not a problem to head on over and visit friends after work.  I was invited to see the Windsor Spitfires game (Ontario Hockey League) where they retired the jersey for #18 Mickey Renaud and then kicked the Sarnia Sting’s butts.  I went with Mark (who is a calendar wizard!  I am so excited for the Kenya calendars!).

We had fun!

No time to worry about focus.

No time to worry about focus.

But on the way back – I got stopped by Customs Border Patrol.  You see, since this was a very last minute invitation, I did not grab my passport from home before making a run for the border.  And while it’s not technically a requirement right now, it will be in 2009.  I also didn’t have my birth certificate.  So, I got to spend some fun time with Homeland Security while they checked my very messy car.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad that they’re thorough.  But why do I seem to have a lot of problems crossing the border?  I have a lengthy history with both the US and Canada wanting to check me out very closely.  However – that’s a story for another day.

I’ve got to get to bed now – I have another long day in front of me tomorrow (and Saturday. and Sunday!)  But I promise not to be so distant….

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The DSW’s

I may have mentioned them before – but I wanted to make a formal introduction of a group of women that hold my heart.

This is my Thursday night – which I rigorously defend in my calendar.

This is my support network, my full-belly laughter, my work out crew, my spiritual walk.

These are women who challenge me to be a better person today than I was yesterday.  To strive for transparency.  Who show me that there is such a thing as grace and second chances.  They are more than just friends – they are sisters.

They are also JUST PLAIN FUN.  We laugh (a lot), we cry (sometimes).  We often stray off topic – but that’s my call (or fault – depends on your point of view) as the “ring-leader”.  And, did I mention that they are also gorgeous?  Here, take a look:

Me, Sarah, Chrissy, Melissa, Sarah, Nicole, Christy, Kelly

Most of the crew: Me, Sarah, Chrissy, Melissa, Sarah, Nicole, Christy, Kelly


DSW is our group nickname – which has several meanings, depending on our mood.

Desperate Single Women (desperate for more of HIM)

Desirable Single Women

Desperately Seeking the Word

Devine Sassy Wildthings

Dozen Saucy Women


The possibilities are endless.  I am so thankful for the blessing they are in my life.  We pretty much came together by random circumstances.  I only knew 3 of the dozen women prior to January/February.  And computer/email glitches threw most of the rest of us together in a small-group search database.  Although, between you, me and Jesus:  I KNOW that this was not random!


Who do you have in your life as a support?   Does anyone else have a regular get together with a group of women or a sport/hobby club?  If so, what does it mean to you?

Happy Monday!


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100 Pieces – #11

11.) I go to Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers every year.

Opening Day 2008.  Kathy (right) and Me

Opening Day 2008. Kathy (right) and Me

And I go with my fabulous friend Kathy – who makes the whole experience fun. She also looks after me to make sure that my food/adult beverage ratio is on the right track. 🙂 Kathy also knows the city way better than I do since she went to Wayne State University downtown. So we are always finding some great little pub or restaurant to pop into.

For the last two years we’ve bought season ticket packages as well – so Opening Day is just a start to a great summer. I’m going to admit it right here: I am a Detroit Tigers fan. There, I said it. I’m sorry, Boston Red Sox, you were my first love – and I’m still torn. Truly. But you’re so far away, and neither of us are very good at long distance relationships, are we?

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