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extra prayers, please…

We have a few sick team members here – most of us have had a few sick days over the trip (I had a very sore throat for two days).
Right now Kim and Jonathan are very ill. Please keep them in your prayers – Some of us are back in Nairobi now, while 1/2 of the team is out in Masai Mara for a one day safari.
We haven’t had running water, hot showers, or a toilet seat in almost two weeks, so our hotel here is a real luxury!!!

We saw over 3,000 patients during the course of our clinics – but I’ll have more details on that later.



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Something wicked this way comes

This is me:

Actually, this is Katie and me.  And yes, I do realize that most of my photos show me at sports games....

Actually, this is Katie and me. And yes, I do realize that most of my photos show me at sports games....



This is me on “too-much-to-do, too-little-sleep, trying-to-keep-the-stress-at-bay”:

zzzzzzz.... Kenya nap?  I can!  This is what heat-exhaustion, high altitude, and hypoglycemia looks like.

zzzzzzz.... Kenya nap? I can! This is what heat-exhaustion, high altitude, and hypoglycemia looks like.


I am coming down with something.  Hopefully it’s nothing that a night at home with lots of juice, tea and vitamin C can’t cure.  Mostly I’m just lethargic and lightheaded, with a bit of a sore throat. 

Luckily, my tonsils have not started to swell the size of golf balls as they have been known to do.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of my far-too-regular strep throat infections is not on the horizon.  One of these years I will overcome my fear procrastination and bite the bullet…. I need to have a tonsilectomy, have needed it for years, but am a wee bit scared reluctant.

Luckily I’ve scheduled a “down-time” evening to get ready for Kenya.  I think my body really needs it tonight!


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Pain has a name.   And that name is Bart.

I recently joined a new gym – which I love.   It’s just over a mile from my house,  on my way to/from work, and even when it’s “busy” there are still plenty of machines open.

Part of the sign up package included some free personal training sessions.  Last Saturday I had my first one – which included a fitness assessment.  That’s where Bart comes in.  After filling out the prerequisite paperwork, Bart wasted no time jumping into the workout.  The words for the day were: Legs & Abs

*note to self: don’t do elliptical + a 1-hr yoga class before your first personal training session.  It’s just really not a great idea, ok?

We jumped, we hopped on & off the stair stepper, we kicked and punched.  We did lunges and used the hack press to do squats.  We did more stair-hopping.  We did full squat-to-air jumps.  Then came the swiss & medicine ball work for the abs.  We had lots of fun with those as well.

(BTW: “We”  = “me”)

After 30 minutes and approx 500 calories later, we were done and ready to talk about what our next moves were.  The only next moves I could think of were into the sauna, into the shower, into my car and back into bed. Bart thought that 20 minutes of cardio and a second appointment were a better idea.

I have goals I want to reach, and I’m not going to get there by taking it “easy” on myself. 🙂  Trust me, I’ve already tried that plan!  So, I set my next session appointment for this last Tuesday and hobbled home.  I took my shower.  I took my nap.  And then I went to the Tigers game with a girlfriend and slowly made my way up the stadium stairs like an achy octogenarian.

By Monday I was feeling better.  And by Tuesday I was ready for session #2.

Only this time, it was with Carl.  Sorry, Bart, I’m just not ready to forgive you just yet.


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The Promotion – Part 2

So….. It’s probably not a great sign when your interview is interrupted by vomiting. But maybe it’s just been a while since I’ve brushed up on my Interview Etiquette?

My boss – whom I adore, and who is the one interviewing me – got sick on Monday afternoon. His 1 yr old daughter came down with the flu late last week, and his wife was sick over the weekend. I guess it was just his turn to be the up-chucker.

We talked on the phone Tuesday Morning to reschedule and to touch base on a few things we discussed prior to the hurl-fest. (Along with an unfortunate incident with an ex-coworker that necessitated an afternoon trip to HR)

Me: Um, feeling better?

The Man: Yes. How are you today? I wanted to make sure you’re alright.  And to let you know that I did think about you last night… (* note: this was not at all “thinking of you” in a creepy, inappropriate way!  This was because 1.) he had to leave early due to the spewing. and 2.) the crazy ex-coworker situation)

Me: ….When you were vomiting?

TM: Oh, haha.  That’s it. Now you’re catching on. Yup!

Me: Good to know that vomit reminds you of me. That the thought of working with me makes you want to hurl.

TM: Maybe you’re making me sick!

Me: Or maybe you’re just sick of me? Um – maybe I should just apply elsewhere….

I love that the people I work with, even the management, are all so relatable. And so much fun. I really work with the greatest team I could ever hope for. It’s a lot about the relationships – the one key benefit that HR can’t guarantee in writing. (click here for a great post discussing the nervousness behind finding friendships in your new workplace.)

And, dear friends of the innernets: if you could consider rallying behind me one more time for Interview, Take 2. This Friday, (TODAY!!) from 12-1:30 Eastern Time, I will be trying this again. And this time, we’ll try to keep the chunkage to a minimum.


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a pox on you!

What a great insult.  I mean, really – who would actually wish for someone to have the pox if they didn’t truly despise the person?

Most people I know have had chicken pox as a child.  It’s just one of those things that you get.  One of those itchy, scratchy, feverish, uncomfortable, downright miserable things that you just get.  I was very lucky – my best friend Kelly got them about 1-2 days after I did in the fourth grade.  So we hung out on couches covered in cool cotton sheets and were miserable together.  We ate popsicles and watched reruns of The Monkees, Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch.  Misery loves company – and that’s the truth!


I dated a guy who came down with the chicken pox at age 30.  While on a family vacation to Disney World.  The fever and aches (and the pox) came down hard on him shortly after entering the park.  He whizzed his young son (maybe 1 1/2 yrs old?) Through the park highlights and then headed home. To Michigan.  In a car. 

Again – I realize I had it pretty lucky.

Last night I talked to my good friend Sue.  This woman waited over 30 years to come down with what sounds like the worst case of chicken pox I’ve ever heard of.  They’re in her ears, her nose, her mouth.  She’s downright miserable – and for good cause.  She was in a fevered, chilled stupor at then end of last week – and it went downhill from there.  I wish I would’ve known sooner.  I would have stopped by to keep her company.  Or bring her some ice tea, ice cream, iced ensure…. Whatever.  Because while there are times during an illness that you just want to be alone – a week is a looooong time to be isolated. 

I spent 4 days this last February in bed with the flu.  I was delirious, feverish, and had horrible chilling cold sweats.  The worst was the monotony of not having anyone to talk to or hang out.  I didn’t want to infect anyone – so I kept to myself.  But watching reruns from the couch is so much better with friends!

beautiful sueSo tonight, I’ll be visiting my dear Sue.  There’ll be movies and ice cream, and cool beverages.  We love you, Sue – get better soon!


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