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Piece #13

We interrupt your national coverage of the recent Presidential Elections for this very important announcement:

I have a thing for husky men.

Oh yes, I do.  🙂

If you ask any of my close friends what kind of guy is my “type”.  They’ll know the answer!   And, hopefully, they’ll know that there’s a difference between “husky” and “really obese”.

Now, I’m not a size-ist.  I have dated the occasional manorexic, or generally slender guy.  But I usually prefer a man with some meat on his bones.  Someone who gives great hugs and is perfect for cuddling with.    Someone whose hugs I can just get lost in.  🙂

Which is one of the reasons why this guy is a celebrity-crush of mine:

You cant stop this.  You cannot stop this

"You can't stop this. You cannot stop this"

*sigh*.  All this and he’s funny, too!

Another reason to like him is this:

Because I could never love a Yankees fan

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.



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