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The Evil Empire is going down

Now, even though I reside in America’s left hand now, and am a big BIG fan of the Detroit Tigers….
In my heart I always will be first and foremost a Boston Red Sox girl. Born and raised in South Boston, I am a lifetime citizen of Red Sox Nation.
Tonight, though, I get the best of both worlds.
For my birthday, my friend Kimmy got tickets for her, Brad, her client, and myself to watch the Tigers take on the Yankees at Comerica Park. w00t w00t!
Somewhere in the stadium there will be a girl who is shouting extra loudly for the boys of Detroit to kick some serious butt.
Tonight, God willing, the Evil Empire is going down…

edited note:  That was disappointing.


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I’ve got a feeling….

That tonight’s gonna be a good night.

The catchy tune by the Black Eyed Peas has been running through my head for a little while now.

Why?  Because tonight BOSSY is coming to Detroit!   She s did a road trip across the U.S. back in 2008 and a group of us local bloggers got together for a night of fun, wine, and a late-night White Castle trip.  Not to mention, the world’s yummiest salmon dish. (recipe is halfway down the post)

Now she’s doing it again, this time for her (No) Book Tour.  Because, well, she forgot to write a book.   But she did manage to organize a trip criss-crossing the country covering 12,000 miles in 6 weeks.  Yikes!  Check out Bossy’s website to see the latest stories of leggings, support hose, the best fast-food breakfast sandwiches, and living out of a car for one and a half months.  Also, her romance with John Cusak. (see below)

And a group of us are getting together at a local(ish) brew pup – Liberty Street Brewing Co. in Plymouth, MI.  I’m hoping to reunite with a few of the great women I met last time – and meet a few more.  Maybe even a guy will show up this time.

A few other reasons why today is going to be good:  It’s also my birthday. (woo-hoo!)  So before making the trek to Plymouth, my good friend Brad & I are going to catch an afternoon showing of Iron Man 2.  It’s also a sunny day – perfect for walking my foster dogs.  I also went to the chiropractor this morning and feel very relaxed and stretched out after my post-adjustment rolling treatment.  Also: the office staff at Dr Buller’s sang “Happy Birthday” to me when I walked in.  How sweet!

I hope you’ve got a feeling that today is going to be great for you as well.  And I hope that there is some sunshine in your life, wherever you are.


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My best friend’s birthday

A (sort of) reposting.

Dear Kel,

You are my oldest and best friend.  The first of all my Kelly’s :) We went from checking out bugs, to drinking gross concoctions on dares, stealing textbooks (albeit discarded ones), to pre-teenhood.  Then came training bras, and boys, and o-my-gah – periods.  And high school. And boyfriends. and broken hearts.

And,then, your marriage.

After all this time I’m glad we chose not to be roommates in college.  It would have likely ruined our friendship.  I was in a very different place than you at the time, and I may have felt too constrained.  (Although a little more constraining might have done me some good!)  You saw me go from conscientious student, to college slacker.  Saw me through lost innocence, lost faith, lost sense of self, sense of worth.  You kept true to your own path, setting your sights on things beyond my vision.  Focusing on your goals,  and your calling.  Keeping your own circle of friends.  But you never let me out of your sight, or off your radar.

You never gave up.  You continued to encourage me, love me, plant seeds of faith and hope in my heart.  Even though I pushed them (and you) away.  Even though I asked you to kindly keep your Jesus to yourself, thankyouverymuch.  It took a few years (ha!) but your seeds found roots and are finally flourishing into a garden of my own.  And now he’s my Jesus too.  (and Kira’s, & Erin’s)  Who knows where your influence will end?  I know I’m not the only set of ripples you’ve sent out over the waters.

You let me know that you thought the world of me, and that I had value to add to this crazy world.  Even if it’s just my amazing Cranium skills!

You have always amazed me.  You are a bright and shining star in a gray world.  You are brilliant, talented, a hard worker.  A caring, insightful doctor.  A beautiful woman.  Funny friend.  Enthusiastic laugher.  Loving wife. Generous stepmother. I want to be just like you when I grow up. :)

Here’s to us on our 24th birthday together.  May we have 100 more.  I love you more than words could express.



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Just Juli, self-portrait. May, 2010 (courtesy of necksolutions.com)

As I sit here recovering (still!) from my whiplash, I am reminded of a phrase that I read in the Bible referring to the Israelites as “a stiff-necked people“.   When I looked up this passage, I was surprised to find that this description is found 7 times in the scriptures.

If God says something once, it has meaning.  Twice – you should take more notice of it.  But seven times?  He is really trying to get your attention!

That’s me.  And not just right now when I am working just to get my head to comfortably face forward.  (And, oh! To dream of being able to look to my left! Or up! Or down!!)

I am stubborn.  I can be hard hearted, and slow to change my ways.  I am guilty of sometimes falling into bad habits of apathy and laziness.  Even though my heart has been broken for so many marginalized people.  Why is it that I spend more time on facebook than keeping up with world events?  The ignorance of the masses is what keeps the cycle of evil in the world continually spinning.

Edmund Burke is oft misquoted as saying

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Burke’s actual statement from his ‘Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents’ reads:

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitited sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”

Today I am pondering why it is that I can so often get stuck in a cycle of selfishness and be so myopic in my worldview.

More importantly: What steps can I take to become more of an active participant in this world?  What do I need to do to look beyond myself and meet the needs of others?  How do I “soften my neck”?

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I can almost look up…

… After an emergency visit to the chiropractor today, plus a second adjustment this evening.  ugh.  This was my first visit to the chiropractor in almost 2 decades.

I have been so tightly locked up with my right shoulder to my right ear – and my head turned to look over my right shoulder.  It started out as a kink in my neck on Saturday, and has progressively gotten worse each morning since.   Today I spent half the day nearly in tears.

I was able to get into the doctor’s office this afternoon – maybe partly because my dad was their first patient, and has been loyal to the practice for going on 25 years.  I went there a few times as well in my early teens – but it’s been a looooong time since then!   Since it has been so long, I was expecting Dr Buller to be on the elderly range of the age spectrum.  Ooops!  It’s funny how the young mind sees anyone over 25 as “old”.  I was shocked to find that the doctor is a few years younger than my dad.

I had between 0 and 5 degrees of motion in many areas.  No duh.  And the x-rays showed a lot of serious misalignments – so much that I could even see them without the doctor pointing them out.   I went through my first adjustment and was sent home to ice the area a few times before I came back in at the end of the day.  The difference was almost immediate.   And was even better after the second one.

– I also had my church group pray for me tonight and saw a noticeable relaxation in my neck/shoulder muscles after that as well.  I want to give props not only to the excellent chiropractic care of Dr. Jeffrey Buller, but also to the healing power of Jesus.  Not everyone believes in that, but I do.

I still can’t tilt my head forward much to look down.  But maybe that’s a good thing.  I should be looking up more often anyways!

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Dear Malibu

Dear Malibu,

I know these last few years have been a little rough on you.  I want to apologize right now for the lack of care and time I’ve invested into you.  I have not been holding up my end of the bargain most days.

I mean, I’ve been there when it comes to the big stuff – the trips to the “ER” and such.  But there have been a lot of missed opportunities for me to show you small kindnesses.  To brighten your day.  Like issues of personal hygiene:  I know you can’t take care of that stuff yourself, and I could be doing a LOT more to help you in that area.

What I’m saying is, can’t we just get along?  I’ll make more of an effort on my end, if you’ll just meet me halfway. 🙂

For example:

I could give you a good vacuuming, and you could maybe start a little easier on these cold winter mornings.

I could unload some of the junk from your trunk and you could maybe get your heater to work a little better?

If I emptied out a lot of the unneccessary items from the back seat, could you make that annoying “tick-tick-tick” clicking sound stop?


My friend, the possibilities are endless.  We’ve been together for for eight years, and 150K miles.  There have been peaks (you are totally paid off!) and valleys (numerous trips to the shop – where they know me by name now).  But I’m not ready to give up on us.   Not after so many good times.

Remember when we first met in that lot?  You were the most beautiful thing I had seen.  :0)  My first real automobile, all in my name.  Shiny & new! Remember that road trip to the east coast?  How about all those visits to Virginia beach?  Heading up to beautiful northern Michigan – I know: better in the summer and fall; a little rougher in winter storms. 

And let’s put a few things behind us.  I’m willing to forgive you for the time your fuel pump went out on my way to work. In February.  When it was -3 degrees and I had to wait on the side of the road for almost 2 hours with no heat.

Can you find it in your heart to  forgive me for putting you through that unfortunate incident with the dog – who was chronically getting ill in your backseat…. out of both ends?   Trust me when I tell you that hurt me more than it hurt you.

We have a good thing going.  Let’s keep it that way.




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If you’re gonna fail…

Fail BIG.  That’s how I roll.

So, I went off the NaBloPoMo wagon this year.  And only halfway through.  I realized at 11pm on Saturday when I was out with friends that I hadn’t yet posted that day.  I tried to do one from my phone, but couldn’t get the interface to work quite right.

And I knew I wouldn’t make it home in time to do a real one.

So – I knew I was going to fail.  And, in that spirit, I also took Sunday off.  (In my defense, I spent most of Sunday with a horrific headache that made looking at anything painful)

I almost didn’t even want to do today.  How sad is that?  I’m letting some self-imposed expectation defeat me?

Nuts to that!  I’m just gonna pick myself up and give it another try.  I have to look at what I’ve accomplished and not focus on what I didn’t.  Right?

So, while I was not posting, here’s what I did these last few days.

I read this:

I actually believed this was a true story for a while.  Its not.  But its still a dang good read.

I actually believed this was a true story for a while. It's not. But it's still a dang good read.

I had a great breakfast with some friends on a cold rainy morning.  What better way to spend a Saturday morning??

I watched this:

In case you werent sure if this movie will break your heart or not.... It will

This is a true story - sadly. And in case you weren't sure if this movie will break your heart or not.... It will.

And I was emotionally wrecked for a while.  It is actually still haunting me in many ways.  I think I cried 4 times during the movie, and once the day after.  It’s that good.  I had to wait for the perfect time to watch it.  And a cold, dreary, Saturday afternoon wrapped in a cozy hoodie, with warm soup = perfect!

(I also watched some college football)

I went out to watch this guy play at a fancy-schmancy restaurant where I had a marvelous chocolate martini:

He doesnt have a CD out yet in mass production.  But check out his myspace music page.

He doesn't have a CD out yet in mass production. But check out his myspace music page.

Click on his image above to get to his myspace page.  Also check out one of his music videos here:

I spent too much time on this:

and I hung out with some amazing 9th grade girls.  I’m always honored that they choose to share their lives with me.  I’ve been with some of these girls since 6th grade and I love watching them grow into amazing young women.

I hope to be fully back on the wagon again now.   And I’m ready to give this another go!

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