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Ending the year on a ridiculous note

Because I’m having internet issues and need to post something short.

And because this is the most fun video I’ve found in a while…

Take a break from returning gifts and putting away your holiday decorations to watch this very short clip.

Cute animals? Check!
Catchy soundtrack? Check!

And laughing/singing along burns calories so – way to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions!

More fun stuff, serious stuff, and giveaways to follow in 2011!



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How to start the new year

Step One:  Don’t panic!

Step Two:  Don’t kick yourself if you don’t have any “grand” resolutions.   Be positive, be kind to yourself.  Every day is a chance to grow, to improve.  But also to enjoy exactly where you’re at.

Step Three:  Don’t drag last year’s grudges into this year.  Take the opportunity to forgive and move on.  Anger and resentment come with heavy baggage.  Maybe it’s time to lighten your load!

Finally:  Yay! Welcome to a new year full of prospects!  Each day comes with the promise of hope and happiness.  You just have to choose to see the good in the world.  May you embrace the changes and chances that present themselves to you.  And may 2010 be a year of wonderful new beginnings.

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Happy New Year

Here’s to surviving 2009.

Here’s to Thriving in 2010.

In the coming year may you enjoy laughter with good friends, times of quiet rest, moments of sublime joy and a few exciting adventures.



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