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School Shopping

My mom & I took my niece school shopping last night. It was our last girls night before my parents drove Kira back down to my sister in NC. I really am going to miss the punk.

We pretty much just hit up The Children’s Place for our mix & match looks. Is it just me, or does anyone else out there get jealous of all the great, funky outfits that we get to put together for kids? I only wish that these came in grown up sizes too.

Like this combo:

I can totally see myself running around town on a sunny fall day sporting this number.

Or this:

Sundays? Casual work days? Hanging with the girls?

And we can’t forget this:

Hello: matching purse and shoes? Don’t forget that purple knit hat above could add a little sparkle to this. Of course, maybe it has enough sparkle already?

I think we walked out of there about $176 later with 3 pants, skirt, jumper, tights, socks, sweater, several shirts, leggings, headband, and two pairs of shoes.

Makes me wish I had a place to go and get a whole new wardrobe for that amount. Heck – I’d even pay a whole lot more! You did see the matching shoes and purse, right??



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Piece #12

12.) I LOVE office supplies.

No seriously – I do. And this is not just some “I love Lamp” statement.

I may have mentioned my LOVE of all things office-supply related before. I love new notebooks, pens, pencils, staples, post-it flags…. you name it.

Hence – The grocery stores, convenience stores, superstores – are virtually filled with aisles and aisles of goodness for me. Forget Playgirl – (btw: ick, really!) – Give me an Office Max insert from the Saturday newspaper. Oh baby!

I have to show restraint on a regular basis at work. Every time I get my hands on the giant Staples 2008 catalogue my stomach does little flip-flops. Just last week I “splurged” and ordered myself a Dr Grip mechanical pencil – with #7 lead. Come to Mama…. you gel-gripped masterpiece.

I even convinced my coworkers that we ALL needed one. Really – it’s more economical to use the refillable Dr Grip vs the non-refillable cheap mechanical pencils (which we were out of anyways!) No better time for an upgrade.


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