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Piece #10

10.) I went to Michigan State University.


And I am PROUD to be a Spartan!  Growing up in Michigan, I was vaguely aware of the rivalry between University of Michigan (UofM) and Michigan State University (MSU).  I really didn’t pick sides on the matter until I was a student at MSU. 

The deciding factors for me were the amount of “green” space and the specialty programs.  I graduated from what was Lyman Briggs School in the College of Natural Science.  LBS is now LBC – it’s been reinstated to college status in the last year.    What LBS meant to me was a uniquely challenging curriculum that integrated the sciences with art/philosophy/politics/pop culture.  You didn’t just learn about science, you also learned how it interracted with society as a whole.

LBS was also a residential college – which meant that I got to live in a huge dorm that largely consisted of other science-minded kids like me.  This was great because it gave me the freedom to fully be my “nerdy, tree-hugging, lab geek” self while I lived there.  It was also a safe place to do class/dinner/game-room time in my own little corner of a huge campus.  It really was the best of both worlds: Small college with lots of personal attention in the midst of a Large, Big Ten University.

As for the green space: My dorm window overlooked a large woodland, and there are lots of parks and natural woods distributed throughout campus.  I still love to walk in the Rose Garden, or the 4-H Children’s Garden – or Beale natural area. 

MSU was a place where I could breathe. 

I definitely made the right choice for me, and I haven’t once looked back with regret.  I made great friends, had lots of good & bad life experiences, learned to live on my own, grew up a WHOLE lot, and enjoyed some awesome Big Ten sports along the way.

#1 Mascot in the US!

#1 Mascot in the US!

Go Green!

Go White!

The fabulous Prezioso sisters, Sparty and me

The fabulous Prezioso sisters, Sparty and me


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