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Is it Friday yet??

I feel like this has been just the longest week so far this year. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been able to even get home before 9:30pm in 4 days. I really need to take a good look at my calendar and start purging.

But I have only 1 day left until I get to see my favorite girl in the world. My niece is in a dance recital this weekend and my parents and I are traveling down to Charlotte to see her. I haven’t seen my sister since January and my niece since Christmas. I am so jones-ing for some time with the goofballs.

They used to live nearby and we were all:



camping 2

And now that they live 10 hrs away – I have to be a weirdo all by myself.

Well, not entirely. I have managed to recruit a few partners in crime. But it’s not the same. I love my girls and I can’t wait to spend some time with Miss Fabulous herself


Have a great weekend!

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Workin’ for the weekend

What a great weekend! I mean, apart from the ant attack and all. (which seem to have subsided these last two days, thankyouverymuch – thanks to some bleach, borax and peppermint oil)

It all started with my hawesome Friday night with her and her and her and her and her, and especially her.

Saturday brought sunshine and a Detroit Tiger’s game with my good friend Kelly. Which was great because:

1.) Kelly is amazing, fun, and always makes me laugh.

2.) The Tigers won! Even though it was pretty close for a while.

3.) People watching.

Baseball is the great equalizer. You really see all walks of life there. Rich and poor; classy, and, um – not-so-classy; old and young. You never know who you’re going to see there, or who may be sitting by you. This last Saturday we had the “privilege” of sitting right in front of some big, drunk man-party. I’m not sure if it was a bachelor party or a fraternity get together. All I know is there was a whole lot of beer and a WHOLE lotta cologne. Seriously – I think the dudes fogged themselves in AXE between innings.

Or the random young hip-hop metrosexual in his D&G glasses who had the most interesting way of explaining his scar to a girl nearby. Oh, no! It wasn’t just from an accident… It was from when he wrecked his Mercedes SUV (insert ridiculously long description of his fabulous car and how superior it was – yadda yadda yadda) when he was driving back from this fabulous club (can’t remember the name, but he thought highly of it..). And then he wrapped it around a tree on I-75. And ruined some fabulous shirt. Which kinda sucks.

But don’t worry – FORTUNATELY, He is still fabulous! and has a cool scar! He may have killed the car, but not his ego. Phew!

I especially love how drunk people cheer for the team. Like screaming obsenities at the refs/managers/opposing team members from the nosebleed sections makes any difference. *sigh*

Really, though, I do love it. It’s fun to watch people get passionate and rally behind a team.

After the game I went to my first bonfire of the season and got to soak up some great campfire smell and enjoy a few beers with my friends.

And Sunday? That was the best of all. But I’ll save that for another post. :).

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