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Back in the swing…

Last week I shared a little about my struggles at work here.

And while things aren’t perfect, (after all, it is work!), they’ve certainly improved.  I feel like I’ve gotten back into my groove for the most part.  I have some new projects to work on, and some definite goals.

I still get side-tracked by “fires” that need to be put out.  And I still get overwhelmed by the amount of work that lands on my to-do list.  But at least I’m more cheerful about the situation.  But, man!  It was a rough couple of days.

I also want to thank all of you who sent kind words and advice my way – either via comment or email.  It really helped knowing that people were reaching through the internets to show some kindness.  I wasn’t sure if anyone (besides me and my coworkers) who would give a rip.

I just hope this positive swing in the right direction lasts for some time!


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Sacrificing the gift

The VP of my company sent us an email today challenging us to finish the year strong.  He punctuated his challenge with the following quote from one of my heroes – Steve Prefontaine:

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

One really motivated, driven man.

One really motivated, driven man.

Boy, have I been sacrificing lately!  I feel like I’ve been sleepwalking through the last few weeks.  My schedule has been too full (surprise, surprise!).  And I’ve been distracted both at work and with friends and family.

I’m not sure what is the exact cause of this lack of focus.  Most likely there are several.  I’m suffering most at work.  I am struggling with a slight attitude problem there.  I don’t think it’s overt and noticeable to others (yet) but I’m definitely feeling it on the inside.  There’s just no…. drive.  Ever since I was passed over for promotion again – I have felt a minor apathy.

It’s gotten better in the last day or so.  I was able to accomplish a lot today and and started hacking away at my to-do list.  I was even able to lay some ground work for future projects.  But it still feels like an uphill battle.

So my question to you is:  What do you do to dig yourself out of the dumps at work?

Any tips and/or suggestions are appreciated!


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Running on fumes.

I have to confess about a problem I have.  I just can’t seem to get my sorry butt into bed at a decent hour.

Only twice since I’ve been back on this side of the globe have I been in bed by midnight.   Even then, only barely  (11:30pm the last two nights).  It is definitely beginning to wear on me!  I can totally relate to this picture from icanhascheezburger.com:

must..... have..... caffeine!

must..... have..... caffeine!

This last week has been especially hectic.  I have a lot of people to catch up with and projects to pick back up again now that I am home. 

Oh – and there’s the little matter of my being asked to re-apply for the promotion I was denied a while back.   Which I found out about on Monday.   I survived a crash course of three interviews on Tuesday – and felt pretty okay about them, too.  Then the next bomb was dropped:  If I end up getting this job – I have to leave for three weeks of training.  Starting this coming Monday.

So, um, yeah.  Stress?  I has it. 

I’m not even done unpacking from my Kenya trip.  Now I have to get my life organized and prepare to leave again?  Of course, it’s only if I get the job this time.  Which I won’t find out until…… Friday morning.

I completed my last interview today with the sales director and now a coworker (who is my “competition”) and I just sit back and wait for 24 hrs.

I think this whole process is a test to see how flexible I can be, and how I handle myself under a lot of pressure. 🙂  The answer to that question is: A lot of chocolate. And carbs.  And really corny knock-knock jokes.


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More of the same

Remember when I talked about my interview a few weeks ago?

Well, it did actually take place on our second attempt.  But I just found out that they offered that position to an outside candidate.  Bummer.

Luckily, I’m not too upset. A little disappointed, yes – but not crushed.  After the interview, I just started getting a bad feeling about this job.  I can’t explain it, but there was an unrest.  A lack of peace.  I considered meeting with my manager to discuss withdrawing my application.  But, I prayed about it and decided that I would just wait and see what happened with the interview/hiring process before I acted further.

I’m glad I did – since I didn’t get the job anyway. :/

So, for now, it’s just more of the same here at work.  I’m kind of in a holding pattern right now, but I’m ok with it.

The upside?  I have more time to train internally through a mentorship with my manager and some seasoned reps.  Also – I still get to have casual Fridays.  I would not be rockin’ the Birkenstocks, jeans, and graphic tee if I had the new job.   Somedays, you just have to find consolation in comfortable clothes. 🙂

Have a great weekend – I’m heading up north and will be back on Monday!


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Potty-Humor Me

I don’t have too many pet peeves.  But the ones that I do have really can get under my skin.

One of my biggest irks has to do with workplace bathrooms.  What I don’t get is how women can abuse a place so horribly.  Seriously?  Do they treat their bathrooms at home like this?

My building is an adult-only kind of place.  Due to safety reasons, there are no children allowed.  So all of the issues in the restrooms are caused by adults.  Grown ups.  AKA: People who should know better.  Let’s take a little trip down the row of stalls a girl may come across on an average day.

Stall #1:  The “Nester”.  This is someone who is possibly a germaphobe?  She will stack maybe 10 toilet seat covers on top of the toilet to create the ultimate barrier.  The problem is, that they don’t even begin to flush down the loo.  So, after she leaves, you will walk into a stall with 10 used toilet seat covers topped by a giant wad of used toilet paper.  Ugh.  Next stall, please!

Stall #2:  The “Squatter”:  Basically the opposite of the Nester.  This person doesn’t believe in using toilet seat covers.  Maybe their reasons are environmental, or they just have to pee so bad that they can’t bother taking the time to pull out the seat cover.  Either way – the damage is the same.  This person will leave behind a seat covered in pee.  ew.  They apparently never heard the rhyme: “If you sprinkle when you tinkle: Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.”  Really, would you leave toilet at home covered in urine and just walk away?.  Move on to the next stall…

Stall #3:  The “Hit & Run”.  This woman is in a hurry.  She has to get somewhere fast and doesn’t have time to make sure that the toilet actually flushed.  We have automatic flushing toilets here, but that doesn’t mean that they always work.  And they certainly don’t have the technology to detect when a second flush is needed. (Or third – if you know what I mean). 😉  How hard is it to take a few seconds to make sure that the auto-flush did what it’s supposed to do?  But I guess some ladies can’t be bothered with the details like that.  And the rest of us get to deal with what she’s left behind in her wake.

Don’t even get me started on people who leave without washing their hands.  I make a mental note of who they are and avoid every item they bring to the bake-sale fundraisers!

I don’t think it’s asking too much to have a little common courtesy and hygeine in the restrooms at work.  The average person spends more waking hours here on any given week then they do in their own home. 

Okay – time to get off my soapbox, and into the loo.  Wish me luck!


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The Promotion – Part 2

So….. It’s probably not a great sign when your interview is interrupted by vomiting. But maybe it’s just been a while since I’ve brushed up on my Interview Etiquette?

My boss – whom I adore, and who is the one interviewing me – got sick on Monday afternoon. His 1 yr old daughter came down with the flu late last week, and his wife was sick over the weekend. I guess it was just his turn to be the up-chucker.

We talked on the phone Tuesday Morning to reschedule and to touch base on a few things we discussed prior to the hurl-fest. (Along with an unfortunate incident with an ex-coworker that necessitated an afternoon trip to HR)

Me: Um, feeling better?

The Man: Yes. How are you today? I wanted to make sure you’re alright.  And to let you know that I did think about you last night… (* note: this was not at all “thinking of you” in a creepy, inappropriate way!  This was because 1.) he had to leave early due to the spewing. and 2.) the crazy ex-coworker situation)

Me: ….When you were vomiting?

TM: Oh, haha.  That’s it. Now you’re catching on. Yup!

Me: Good to know that vomit reminds you of me. That the thought of working with me makes you want to hurl.

TM: Maybe you’re making me sick!

Me: Or maybe you’re just sick of me? Um – maybe I should just apply elsewhere….

I love that the people I work with, even the management, are all so relatable. And so much fun. I really work with the greatest team I could ever hope for. It’s a lot about the relationships – the one key benefit that HR can’t guarantee in writing. (click here for a great post discussing the nervousness behind finding friendships in your new workplace.)

And, dear friends of the innernets: if you could consider rallying behind me one more time for Interview, Take 2. This Friday, (TODAY!!) from 12-1:30 Eastern Time, I will be trying this again. And this time, we’ll try to keep the chunkage to a minimum.


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An ambitious lush

Um, maybe I should explain.

First: The ambitious part is where I am interviewing for a promotion today. One that I have waited very patiently (yeah, right) for almost a year before it opened up. Other opportunities have been available since then, but I have been holding out for something that a.) I would really want; and b.) I’d be good at. Deep down (okay, not that far down) I have a desire to really succeed.

At The Leadership Summit this week one of the messages that really stuck with me was that I needed to do things with excellence. Obvious, I know… But if I’m not passionate enough about what I’m doing (or about who I am representing) to do my task with excellence, then maybe I need to find something else to be involved in.

I hate interviewing. I get all nervous and sweaty and shaky. And leading up to it – I find all of these doubts about my abilities coming to mind. The victory in this scenario thus far is this: It took guts (and initiative) for me to apply for this job. This basically amounts to my telling my boss: I can more than “just do” this job – I can succeed at it. Now all I have to do is truly believe this myself – and back it up by closing him (and his peers) on the deal. I’m a salesperson, darnit, I need to show that I can sell myself.

So…. if you’re reading this and it’s about 2-3pm Eastern Time on 8/11/08 – Send a kind thought, or prayer, or some bloggy love my way!

Second: The part where I am a LUSH. Not so much. honestly! I want to give a few unpaid product endorsements for LUSH products. They are amazing. I just discovered them this last spring, and have been hooked ever since. Everything is hand made, and smells amazing. They are mostly known for their fabulous bath bombs – but they are so much more than that. On an average day you’ll find me using:

Goddess shampoo bar

Buffy The Backside Slayer (amazing, exfoliating bar filled with Shea Butter moisturizing goodness.)

Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

Cosmetic lad moisturizer.

Those are my fav’s. And the occasional bath bomb or bubbling bath bar.

If you have never tried any of their great products, I encourage you to do so. And – what better way to start than by visiting Jennifer at The Fun House? She is giving away a whole basket of Lush love. There’s little of everything in there – so you’re sure to find something you adore.

If not (which I doubt…) You’ll at least have stumbled upon a real gem of a blog. Entertaining writing, beautiful kids, and an adventurous and grateful spirit. Stop by The Fun House and stay awhile. You’ll be glad you did.


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