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Day 11

What does day 11 of unemployment look like? Apparently it can’t sleep, but is tired a lot. Also, some serious ADD going on here. I bounce between websites, facebook, reading a novel, jotting down notes to things I may forget, and thinking about what to eat.

On the topic of eating: Apparently I have a problem with that. I’m used to having a schedule. You get up at x time. Then go to work. Make some coffee. Have a bowl of oatmeal or something at my desk. Lunch Break. Back to work with a snack in the afternoon. Home. Dinner. Random-life-things. Bedtime.

Rinse and repeat.

Without my usual schedule, I find that I simply “forget” to eat. Really? That’s possible? Chatting with a friend on instant messenger the other night, I realized that I was hungry. But, given that it was close to midnight, it was too late to have a real “dinner”. So I grabbed a light granola bar and called it a night.

If it weren’t for granola bars, I don’t know how I’d make it in this world! There is always one in my purse, my briefcase, my car console.

Luckily I have some at home, too. To tide me over until my schedule get’s back on track.  Hopefully that’s sooner rather than later

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