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The other day I shared about my upcoming trip to West Pokot, Kenya.  (Actually – we’re not sure if we’ll be in East or West Pokot, but we think it’s West this year.  Flexibility is key here!)

I also mentioned that it is less than 40 days away.  37 or 36 days as of today, depending on where you count from.  To start preparing myself for this trip I have decided to do a 40 day “fast”.  This is to get my heart, mind & body prepared for the types of sacrifices that will be asked of me daily while in country.

I decided to fast from something that is kind of a luxury.  And by “kind of”  I mean – daily necessity for me. 



Yes, friends, I’m talking about chocolate. 

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  Something that I enjoy regularly, and crave almost daily.  I needed to pick something that would actually be a real sacrifice for me and not just some lame attempt at fasting.

Monday night I hit the gym, then went to grab a hot fudge sundae for dinner with my girlfriend (and DSW) Chrissy.  I needed one last fix before my vacation from all things cocoa.  Great workout (killer!). Great dessert. Great company.  Monday was a good day. 🙂  The rest of the days have been a little tougher.  I have had to curb myself at least once a day.  But I’ve been good about it – avoiding temptation wherever possible.

Today, however, I slipped.  Ugh.  And only 4 days in – that’s only 10% of my time frame.  In my defense, it was a mistake.  I simply forgot!  A coworker brought in Dunkin Donuts munchkins this morning and I grabbed a regular glazed and chocolate glazed to take with me to my desk.  It was a full two hours later before I realized my error.  Doh!

So – now I try again.  Let’s see if I can do better for the remaining 90% of this trial.  Wish me luck – I’m gonna need all I can get!

Happy Holiday weekend!


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New Routine

I think my internal clock is out of whack. Lately I’ve been waking up at 4:30 am.

Let me just repeat that: 4:30 am.

Ugh. My alarm doesn’t go off until 6:30, and I usually don’t get up until 7-14 minutes after that. That means that I am losing over 2 perfectly good hours of sleep each morning. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed at 10 or at midnight – I am waking up at the same time.

Tuesday I took advantage of my new gym membership and was there working out by 5:45 – since it was obvious that I wasn’t going to get any more sleep. If I was going to be up, I might as well be productive! Wednesday, I tried to fight it and eventually dozed off around 6. I can’t remember what I did on Monday – maybe because my brain cells are a little exhausted from all this overtime they’ve been pulling lately.

This has been happening on and off for a while now. Sometimes I use the “extra time” to pray. Sometimes I read, and other times I blog. I’m looking for some good, non-prescription remedies to help me stay in dreamland a little longer each night. Does anyone have any suggestions or helpful tips on how to fall back asleep?

Or at least where to find the reset button on this internal clock – so I can get back to normal. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need a nap. 🙂


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Heart broken

Have you ever had your heart broken for good? That’s how I felt after returning from the West Pokot area of Kenya last October.

A team of amazing people from Harvesters International in Hilton Head, Callahan Baptist in FL, and my church, Kensington Community Church, in MI spent just over two weeks there last fall. We hosted free medical clinics in remote areas of the bush and saw over 2800 people. We sent medications home for well over 3000 Pokot.

It was over 100 degrees by 10am everyday. We ate MRE’s at night, and snack foods that we brought with us during the day. We had to cart in our own water for the 1.5 weeks in “the bush”. It was tough & exhausting…. and I have never felt more alive in my life.

I feel like I went through the first three decades of my life and traveled halfway around the world to find where my heart had been waiting for me all along. The beauty of the people and the land still haunt me daily. I long to be back in that beautiful, sun drenched country. To sit outside at night listening to the heavenly singing of the students drifting over the hill. My heart is broken for the Pokot.

I am 40 days away from my return to that place. From seeing those faces again. From taking a small part of my life and, with an amazing team of faithful believers, sharing God’s love. The medicine we offered them would only be a short term remedy for most. The love we offered them is much more far-reaching and, we hope, deeply touching.

The fact that God can use a broken, imperfect, selfish sinner such as myself to reveal Himself to others is the ultimate example of grace.

40 days left to prepare my heart for what will be asked of me. 40 short days before I get to truly experience what Jesus promised: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

Until then, (and long after, I’m sure,) I will continue to be haunted by faces like these:

Children often care for younger siblings.  Mothers will often distance themselves from their young children since only 1 in 5 Pokot children survive to age 5

Children regularly care for younger siblings. Mothers will often distance themselves from their young children since only 1 in 5 Pokot children survive to age 5

Longing to see them again and to rejoice in our shared time together.


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Kickin butt on a Tuesday

So I received some serious bloggy love this weekend – and I wasn’t even around for it!    But to quote the Thunderbirds (?) “Any love is good love – so I’ll take what I can get…… You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


Kelly over at Song for Whoever sent me this little gift this weekend:


That’s right – I’m both saucy and able to kick a**!  Maybe she’s heard about my mad martial arts skillz – (Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do – 1st gup) , or maybe she’s seen my bit part in “Fists of Fury XVII – White Chicks can fight Too!”  We were both listed as “Saucy Blogs” the same week – and I’m a regular visitor to her site.  You should check it out. 🙂

Either way – I was super excited because this is my VERY FIRST bloggy award thingy. 🙂  I feel just like Sally Fields!

The rules of the this award are:

  • Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers”
  • Let ’em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they’ve received an award
  • Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to
  • Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

So – here are my nominees for fellow Kick A** Bloggers:

1.) Galactic Hero.  I’ve known Steph for over 10 years.  This girl was Kick A** long before the award was invented.  She has the coolest insights and takes some great photos.

2.) Bean Paste.  This woman is a true foodie – just read her descriptive stories of where she’s been and what she’s eaten.  There are always great photos of her kids and you are guaranteed a few great laughs reading some of her posts.  Be sure to check out her “greatest hits” list on the sidebar.

3.) Without Wax.   Pete always has something great to share with his audience.  He always challenges me to think more about my faith – and not to just stumble along in it.  And you sometimes will get to see bonus videos of his fun family or his church messages.

4.) Stretch Marks.  I was hooked on this site from the moment I read why she chose her blog name.  Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for her reasoning. 

5.) xbox4nappyrash.  Honestly – I don’t even know what this guy’s name is, or how I stumbled upon his site. I just know that I am hooked on his story.  You will laugh and cry through the narratives of him & his wife’s struggles with infertility.  Well written and a great sense of humor.


That’s it for me.  Have to get to work now – Happy Tuesday!


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Down with Muffins – Contest!

While perusing the internets this moring, I stumbled on this little gem of a contest.

For everyone who has ever had a shirt ride up a little too far, or who doesn’t always remember to “suck it in” 24/7 – this is for you.

The crazy mommy bloggers over at MomDot blog, are hosting a contest to make the world a better place and to fight muffintop. Please come over and enter to win an amazing giveaway from Blush, where you can keep or pass along an awesome topless undershirt. They need 200 entries to get more shirts to give away, so come enter this worthwhile fashion cause. And while you are there, dont forget about the other awesome giveaways and new chat room. Oh, and Toni is crazy. Really, really crazy.

Muffins…no, not that kind. (Contest).


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She’s on my team

The other night before we went shopping for school clothes, my niece and I spent some quality time together, just the two of us. After hitting the playground and finishing dinner – we just hung out and talked.

Kira decided that she wanted to do my hair – she had some great ideas on how to style it. I was willing to give her a second chance, even though her previous attempt looked something like this:

Picture this in a brunette look.  Only slightly more tangled and with less colorful accessories.

Picture this in a brunette look. Only slightly more tangled and with less colorful accessories.

Plus, I LOVE having someone play with my hair. Ever since I was a kid – I can still recall the tingly feeling all over my scalp while someone brushed or styled my hair. In college there was this really mean, rude girl in my sorority. But I have at least one fond memory of her just playing with my hair while we were sitting in a long meeting. So I tried not to speak badly of her – she must have had other redeeming qualities, right?

Okay – sorry about the tangent there…. I get a little ramble-y when it comes to some things. 🙂

So – back to Day two of my niece’s attempt at hair styling. This time she’s just going for a good brush-out. No fancy twisty/braidy/pony-tail things all over the place. After she finished the back of my head, she walked around in front of me. Pausing for a minute, she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m on your team, okay? We’ll use teamwork!”. As she started brushing again, I replied: “Thanks, what does our team do?”

She stepped back and looked at me, “Well, we are going to get a boy for you. Because you’re not married yet, right?”.

“Um, no, not since I last checked.”

Returning to brushing my hair in front of my face, Cousin It style, she continued, “Okay then, I’m on your team.” She brushed my (growing out) bangs in my face and then put the brush down. Using her hands she created a small part in the middle of them, so I could kind of see. She was thoroughly concentrating on creating the perfect “style”. With furrowed brow and a serious voice she finished, “Trust me, THIS will do the job”.

Okay, Mr Right. You better watch out – because here I come. And I have the right team to get the job done!

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School Shopping

My mom & I took my niece school shopping last night. It was our last girls night before my parents drove Kira back down to my sister in NC. I really am going to miss the punk.

We pretty much just hit up The Children’s Place for our mix & match looks. Is it just me, or does anyone else out there get jealous of all the great, funky outfits that we get to put together for kids? I only wish that these came in grown up sizes too.

Like this combo:

I can totally see myself running around town on a sunny fall day sporting this number.

Or this:

Sundays? Casual work days? Hanging with the girls?

And we can’t forget this:

Hello: matching purse and shoes? Don’t forget that purple knit hat above could add a little sparkle to this. Of course, maybe it has enough sparkle already?

I think we walked out of there about $176 later with 3 pants, skirt, jumper, tights, socks, sweater, several shirts, leggings, headband, and two pairs of shoes.

Makes me wish I had a place to go and get a whole new wardrobe for that amount. Heck – I’d even pay a whole lot more! You did see the matching shoes and purse, right??


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