Just Me

About this blog:

Just another outlet. And a New Year’s resolution met: looking for a way to creatively express my journey as I travel through this world.  Good friends.  Family.  Laughter & love.  Above all God is good.

Life is good.

Life is beautiful.

Life can also be messy, and confusing, and filled with shadows and doubts.

But beyond every valley is another peak – and you can savor the view back over the years, even while looking forward is filled with fog and mist.

But that’s just part of the adventure.

About Me?

32. Single.  60% sporty, 40% girly, all woman.  Professional from 8-5, and fun 24/7.  Runner, golfer, flower-smeller, and hugger of children.  Passionate ice cream eater and lover of popcorn and sweet tea.  New England transplant living in Michigan.

2 responses to “Just Me

  1. Bob Cleveland

    Hi Juli.

    I wanted to say that the money quote, among all the comments on Pioneer Woman’s blog, is yours:

    “God is never convenient”.

    Methinks you may have revealed something about yourself, there…

    BTW, we are Indiana transplants, living in Alabama.

  2. Ashley

    Hey Juli, I made the cozies you won – if you email me your address I can get them mailed this week.

    You can email me at oneinthehand.etsy@gmail.com.

    Ashley (A Different Ashley)


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